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Pass the PMI Project Management Professional Exam the 1st time

Accelerated Home Study Course updated for 2011 Based on the official Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - 4th edition

Our materials allow you to pass the PMP® exam with only a few hours of study time. Not days or weeks.

Our students have a 99.9% pass rate!
Great for Busy Students and executives!

Over 20,000 Professionals Trained

 Course Contents:

Accelerated Instruction Video Modules (2 hours in 9 self-paced segments):

Thoroughly Covered in our Organized, Convenient Video Modules Course: 

Module 1: Scope Management:
Overall Goal and overview of developing projects
Projects and project managers responsibilities according to PMI
Project Scope
work breakdown structure
Project Charter
Project management information systems
Configuration management
Benefit/Cost Ratios
Project Screening tools
Net present value Screening
The work Authorization system
Project Process Flow
Scope change process
and more...

Module 2: Cost Management:
Tested Estimating Formulas Only
Budgeting and controlling
Cost analysis
Different types of estimating
Value Analysis
Earned Value
Flow charting/Fishbone Charting
Auditing quality
Standard Deviations
Stakeholders Requirements analysis
Design of Experiments
Cost Formulas
and more...

Module 3: Communications Management:
Administrative closure
performance reporting
Message Routing
Network Communication
Network Communication
Communication barriers and solution
The 3 Communication Networks
Lessons learned
and more...

Module 4: Quality Management:
Criteria verification
Quality assurance
Trend analysis
Small continuous improvements
Quality Assurance
ISO 9000
Six Sigma
Benefit/Cost analysis
Control chart use
Quality management plan
How to use 5 Quality Control Charts and Diagrams
and More...

Module 5: Time Management:
Sequences and activity requirements
Managing Critical Paths
Activity resource estimating
Rolling Wave Planning
Gantt Charting
Activity List/Work Package
Project Constraints
Critical Path
The Arrow Diagramming Method
How To Reduce the time required for a project
How to estimate time to complete a project
Top-down Estimating
Bottom up Estimating
Task Standard Deviation
Change Control
Developing a Project Schedule using a network diagram
Using Standard Deviation Analysis
and more...

Module 6: Human Resource Management:
Project interface
Conflict Resolution
Expectancy Theory
Reward Systems
Organizational Charting
Team Development
Worker Motivation
Management Styles
Types of Influence
Conflict Resolution
Functional management
Organization structures
Responsibility Assignment Matrix
and more... 

Module 7: Risk Management:
Risk management plan
Root cause identification
Stakeholders Tolerance
How the manager will handle the risk
Delphi Techniques
Qualitative Risk Analysis
Risk monitoring
Formulas for Estimating Risks
and More...

Module 8: Contract and Procurement Management:
Procurement process
Statements of work
Procurement documents
Make or Buy
Source Selection
Contact Administration
Relationship of Parties involved
Contractual Work structure
Risk Structure
Cost Justifications
All contract types to be tested
and more... 

Module 9: Professional Responsibility:
PMP Code of Professional Conduct
PMP Rules

Detailed, Expert Instruction of all PMBOK guide based material. Only PMP exam "need to know" training.

· No long winded Stories
· No Going off on tangents
· No “I'm so great” Introductions
· No fluff
· No extraneous examples
· No repetitive information
· No "time wasting" Activities
· Pure info on terms, formulas and need to know points.

Each video has been meticulously edited to make sure nothing is repeated twice in the presentation and even editing so no more than 2 seconds of recording time is wasted with silence. The instructor even makes sure he does not say umm or give long pauses. 

All 9 PMP exam training video modules are unlimited, unrestricted and never expire. Study whenever you want, wherever you want.  

Part 2: 2000 Exam questions: (10 Full length exams) 200 questions X 10 exams

Unique and recent Questions you will not find anywhere else. These questions are in the same format you will see on test day. No Repeats. We use recent and harder questions in the same format as test day to build your confidence, which make the actual test a breeze! Questions are situational, of various levels of difficulty and can be wordy. These questions are come from a range of different sources so you will not become accustomed to a specific style. I have seen others sell only 600 questions for $100+ ($49.95 Value) The Most Sample Questions in one program!

Details on Sample Questions: We originally started with 3000 questions. The first group of 40 Project management professionals removed approximately 300 that were either not in line with PMI questions, too easy, unfair or wrong.

The second group of 37 Project management professionals removed approximately 400 more questions.

We brought the groups together and they eliminated 300 more than they could not agree on. As a result you get the most relevant, recent and high quality questions and answers. Answers are not easy or obvious. The answers closely follow the real exam in which answers can be wordy or all seem like the correct response. 

Each 200 Question exam covers all PMBOK® knowledge areas according to the PMBOK® 4th Edition
Initiating (22 questions) 11% of exam
Project Planning (46 questions) 23% of exam
Execution (54 questions) 27% of exam
Monitoring and Controlling (42 questions) 21% of exam
Closing (18 questions) 9% of exam
Professional Responsibility (18 questions) 9% of exam

Questions include Answer choices up to D and Questions include explanations. Questions stems and answer choices are not simple or childish.


1. Quantitative risk analysis relies on hard numbers. Which of the following quantitative analysis steps help determines which individual risks have the greatest impact on the project’s success and then to escalate the risk management processes on these risk events?
A. Continuous probability distribution
B. Sensitivity analysis
C. Using the Decision Tree
D. Project Simulation
Answer: B
Explanation: Sensitivity analysis: determines which individual risks have the greatest impact on the project’s success and then to escalate the risk management processes on these risk events.

2. As the project manager of the new Project XZA, you have to decide whether to create a new web application in-house or send the project out to a developer. The outsource developer you would use quotes the project cost at $175,000. Based on previous work with this company, you are 85% certain they will finish the work on time. Your in-house development team quotes the cost of the work as $165,000. Again, based on previous experience with your in-house developers, you feel 75%t certain they can complete the work on time. Which of the following quantitative risk analysis approaches should you use here?
A. Continuous probability distribution
B. Sensitivity analysis
C. Use the Decision Tree
D. Project Simulation
Answer: C
Explanation: Decision Tree: a method to determine which of two decisions is the best to make.

3. Depending on the project, the conditions, and the potential for loss or reward, stakeholders will have differing tolerances for risk. Which of the following best describes the relationship between the time and costs required to eliminate the chance of failure and the stakeholder’s risk tolerance level?
A. The time and money costs required to eliminate the chance of failure is not related to the stakeholders’ level of risk tolerance.
B. The time and money costs required to eliminate the chance of failure is much higher than the stakeholders’ level of risk tolerance.
C. The time and money costs required to eliminate the chance of failure is much lower than the stakeholders’ level of risk tolerance.
D. The time and money costs required to eliminate the chance of failure is in proportion to the stakeholders’ tolerance of risk on the project.
Answer: D
Explanation: The time and money costs required to eliminate the chance of failure is in proportion to the stakeholders’ tolerance of risk on the project.

4. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) defines tasks that can be completed independently of other tasks, facilitating resource allocation, assignment of responsibilities, and measurement and control of the project. When planning for risk management, what is the most important reason to revisit the WBS?
A. In order to identify which tasks can be completed independently without risks.
B. In order to facilitate risky resource allocation.
C. In order to assign risky responsibilities.
D. In order to figure out if a work department risk can affect the entire project.
Answer: D
Explanation: Choice D is the best answer to this. There may be risks that should they come to fruition could affect the entire project’s success.

5. Hanson of the ABC Project Management Company was selected by his firm to be the project manager for a historical monument. The monument is to be erected in front of a government building. During organizational planning, Jonas needs to do the following, except: A. Identify the people responsible for activities within his company, the designers, engineers, installers, management, and so on.
B. Purchase the products and tools that are necessary for meeting the needs of the project scope.
C. Communicate with stakeholders who are not internal to his organization such as the people that live or work around the monument location, people who work at the government building, and various government officials.
D. Identify safety issues, landscaping inquiries, and other concerns that will come up as the project progresses.
Answer: B
Explanation: B occurs during project procurement and not during organizational planning preparation.

Part 3: 100% PMP Pass Money Back Guarantee

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  • ·         This pmp study guide does not contain obvious information!

( I recently reviewed a PMP Prep course in which the professor spent 10-20 minutes saying: "The Responsibility of a Project Manager is to Manage a Project") UNACCEPTABLE!

Material Development

Program Authors:
Purvi Sheth, PMP
Ramesh Venkataraman, PMP
Chintalapati Ganesh, PMP
Sangeeta Prakash, PMP

Program Editors:
Glen Zamanian
Melissa Connors

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